Monday, 2 August 2010

a special day~

this is not the 1st time tht i know my eng is poor~
but i'm really dun know how to improve~
most of them just tell me that read more,read more~
but i din improve~
wat is the real problem~
i dun know!!!!!!!
i guess i cant high mark either eng oral or exam!!
waiting die!!!

after phy period,we went to other class..
suddenly pn.lau came and asked us tht who stold a magnifying glass..
if the thief dun concede,then 4sc 2 cant to have experiment next time!!
who is tht person??
i want to kill him or her!!!
but noone concede!!
then pn.lau leave the class..
kar wai,lily and i follow go out to find out the magnifying class..
the field...not...corridor ...not...
where is it ??
hate hate!!
we suggested to teacher tht after school,we withhold the 4sc2 students and check all of their bags!!!

wat's going on??
we cant found tht !!!
we cant to have experiment next time ??
oh my god!!
no idea!!
then,some of us willing to search magnifying glass in phy lab...

deng deng deng deng~
we success found magnifying class..
do u know where is it ?
tht was in a xxx box...
we did the last experiment with that xxx box...
it strikes me that someone put it into the box and unconsciously...

whatever,kar wai and i thought tht we will check the appratus after experimant hereafter...

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